College student from San Francisco escorting a regular on a trip to Europe

I am 20 and an English major. I reside in San Francisco. I have been escorting for six months and I plan on continuing. Being a student and having several sugar daddies can sometimes be hard to balance since sometimes plans conflict with my schedule. I still manage. I love the money.

Day One

8 a.m. That stupid alarm. The sound always makes me gag. I hit the snooze and rested for a minute.

8:30 a.m. I jump in the shower and wash my body. My leg hair wasn’t long enough to shave yet. I had just shaved it two days ago for a date I had.

9 a.m. I got ready and checked my schedule. I had a couple dates and a shit ton of studying to do.

10 a.m. I sat in class and listened to my professor talk about the midterm. It was in four days. I had paid attention the whole quarter so I wasn’t terrified for it but I wanted an A so I was going to spend a lot of time reviewing.

12 p.m. I got home from school and made myself a coffee. My phone being to vibrate. It was P. He was my favorite daddy. He took me out often and I liked him a lot. I answered the phone.

12:05 p.m. He asked me how I was and what I had been doing. I told him about how stressed I was about my midterms. He told me that he wanted to take me out to dinner tonight to talk. I said yes.

1 p.m. I had been reading since P hung up. My head hurt already. My roommate came home. She brought me a sandwich and we ate together. M was a stripper. She was good at it. I could never be a stripper. I don’t dance sexy like her.

3 p.m. I went to the gym. I did this often before dates. I felt tighter in my outfits.

4 p.m. I ran on the treadmill for 15 minutes, another 15 on the stairmaster, 10 minute hourglass abs and a lot of squats.

4:15 p.m. I got home and showered again. I laid on my bed and studied for English. I had four midterms all on different days, a blessing and a curse.

5 p.m. I put on a cute red plaid dress and brushed my hair. I did subtle makeup and put on my tall boots.

5:30 p.m. P picked me up with his black lamborghini. He kissed me on the cheek and told me he had missed me.

6 p.m. We ordered cocktails. I had a fake but they never checked when I was with him. I decided to eat a seared ahi salad and he ordered a steak.

6:15 p.m. He loved talking with me. He asked me how school was going and how busy I was. I told him very. He then gave me the most absurd idea.

6:20 p.m. I downed my cocktail and looked at him. He had told me that he had to fly to Mykonos for a week for business and that he wanted me with him. He had to meet with potential clients in Kiev but they decided to go to a nicer place instead. Meaning I would lounge at a beach club with included food and drinks while he worked and he would pay me nightly for my company as well.

6:30 p.m. I told him he was crazy and that I had to take my exams. I chewed my tuna. He giggled and told me that life was too short to pass this up. Thanks P, easy for you to say.

7 p.m. I downed another cocktail and felt my nerves tingle.

7:30 p.m. I didn’t discuss anything with him since he asked me to go with him. I didn’t have an answer. I would have to sleep on it.

8 p.m. I went over to his place and we fucked. He liked when I was on his kitchen counter. He had a nice penis and I always wanted it. I told him to take me home.

9 p.m. I got home, kissing him goodbye and telling him thank you. He gave me my money and I told him I had a lot to think about.

Day Two

10 a.m. I was slightly hungover. I went into the kitchen and grabbed water. M sat with me and I vented to her about my dilemma.

10:30 a.m. We still hadn’t moved. M told me to say fuck it and go. She didn’t understand. She wasn’t in school. Technically I didn’t have to be either but I sort of enjoying learning.

11 a.m. I laid in bed and thought. I went back and forth. I might never be able to go to Greece again. But school is SO important. But think of the water and the sun on my body. But school is SO important. I’ll eat so much yummy food…and dick. But school is SO important. The money!!

12:15 p.m. I gave P a call. He told me he’d call me back in 10, he was talking with a coworker.

1 p.m. My phone rang. I asked him how his day was and he returned the question. He really didn’t care. He only cared about my decision. He asked me what I had decided.

1:05 p.m. I told him that this was stupid. That I should take my midterms. That I can always go on a different trip with him. But I told him yes I’m in. He chuckled and told me I should start packing because we would leave tomorrow morning.

1:15 p.m. I sat on my bed with my computer. I composed an email. “Dear Professor, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer last year. I haven’t seen her in two years. The doctor just informed my family that she doesn’t have very much time left. I love her dearly and will be traveling unexpectedly tomorrow to Europe to be with her. Please let me know if I can make up the midterm next week.” I sent it to my four professors. You might think cancer is too extreme to lie about but its part of the strategy. If something sounds REALLY serious, people are more likely to believe because they would think that if I just want to lie about something I wouldn’t need to go as far.

2 p.m. I had packed eight bathing suits, ten dresses, several pairs of high heels and all the jewelry I could fit into a carry on. I was so ready.

Day Three

7 a.m. Fucking alarm. It was worth it today. I grabbed my computer and checked my email. Two of my teachers had replied. I giggled. WTF. Both of them responded with empathy and told me that they would gladly allow me to take the midterm when I return. I hoped that karma wasn’t real.

8:15 a.m. I shoved a bannada down my throat and placed my cat shaped sunglasses on my face. I hugged M and she told me that I better send tons of photos.

9 a.m. P and I boarded the plane. We flew business. He didn’t believe in spending loads of money on a couple hours of flying.

10 a.m – 4 p.m. I watched several films. Guess it was a good time to catch up on all the movies I never saw.

4 p.m -7 p.m.  I studied. See I could balance my life. Maybe I should write a book on that.

7:30 p.m. I took two pills of dramamine, put my eye mask on and passed out.

Day Four

4:15 a.m. The plane lights turned on and I slowly pulled of my eye mask. I had slept surprisingly deep. We were landing. I hated the feeling of my ears popping.

6 a.m. The taxi dropped us off at the resort. OH it was a dream. This was everything but a mistake.

7 a.m. I took a bath and ate the strawberries they gifted on the table. I thought now was a good time to shave my legs.

8 a.m. P got excited seeing me in the tub. He took me out of it and fucked me on the big white bed. He put his dick in between my breasts and slid it in and out. He loved that. He took me out on the balcony and placed himself in me while I held onto the railing. He came inside. I didn’t know what was better. The penetration or the view.

9 a.m. P left to his meeting and I put on my bright green thong bikini with my sheer white robe over. I walked down to the pool and brought my books.

10 a.m. I felt the sun on my body and I occasionally took a dip in the pool. I drank a mojito and ate more fruit. I managed to study for English at the same time. Sometimes you had to take a risk.

3 p.m. A gorgeous guy approached me on the beach while studying. He told me he was Spanish but he spoke perfect English. Way better than Mexicans back in CA, despite growing up there.

4 p.m. Mauro is really sweet and I was wondering whether I should go to his hotel room. P wouldn’t be back for at least another 3 hours so chances of me getting caught are slim to none. Decided it would be too much for today. Maybe tomorrow.

5/51 rating

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