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Curvy girl proud to earn her own money

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For the past month, I’ve been supplementing my income by doing weekend house calls as an escort. I watch a set of twins during the week, but my weekends are when I can truly be myself, be wild, be free. I’m a 29 year old plus-sized escort, and I love discovering my body in this new way.

Day 1

7pm. Finally home. My day was long, but every Friday is.

7:15pm. I peel off my sweaty clothes and put on my sexy bra, posing in my full-length mirror on the closet. I make a brief snapchat video to post, informing my exclusive followers that I’m doing house calls tonight.

7:30pm. In the shower, I take the time to cleanse my face and moisturize my skin and shave everything really well. I like looking my best and feeling soft for my evenings out. I figure my phone will have a few notifications when I get out with offers for my time.

7:45pm. I blow dry my hair, scrolling through my messages.

8pm. In my walk-in closet, I carefully select my outfit for the night. Not like it matters, I’ll be naked fast anyway.

9:30pm. It’s a 20 minute drive to my client’s house. His name is Z and I find him incredibly sexy from his profile picture.

9:55pm. Z sends me the gate code to enter his lavish neighborhood. I whistle softly as I cruise past the large luxury homes. Color me envious.

10:15pm. I was right. Z wasted no time getting me out of my clothes. He is extremely impatient, grabbing onto my hips and breasts and ass and thighs with greed. I sort of like it.

10:30pm. He ordered me in a rather dominating way to take his dick. I’m just on my back, my thick thighs pressed into my double D cups. He fucks me hard, but it’s pretty… regular.

11:05pm. I can’t open my eyes. Cum covers my face and I allow Z to help me stand from the bed, and he hands me a towel. I frown, knowing how badly my makeup is about to smear, and make my clumsy way to the bathroom.

11:15pm. With the windows down, I race down the street blaring my music through the speakers. It feels good. I just made pretty good money. My money, not my parents’, boyfriends’ or anybody’s!

Day 2

9:30am. My alarm drags me from a deep sleep and I slap snooze – twice.

10:10am. I’m up, I’m up…

12pm. After my shower and a bowl of cereal, I check in on my app to see if there is any late afternoon requests. Nothing yet, so I grab my swimsuit.

1:30pm. At the complex pool, I lounge in the sun, my phone on my exposed soft belly as I wait for a ding.

2:45pm. Ding! Finally. I squint in the sun reading the message. It’s “urgent”, apparently, and close by… so I say yes and he pays me online for 30 minutes. This’ll be quick.

3:30pm. I arrive to his house and get out, still damp from my pool adventure, and knock on his door. He doesn’t look rich…

3:35pm. He answers. He’s tall, lean, but balding a little, with blue eyes. My 5’1 frame and double-D breasts make me look even tinier and he grins at me. “It’s my birthday” he tells me. I ask if he wants me to make it a very special celebration.

3:50pm. We waste no time before he’s fucking me on the couch, my body curled up uncomfortably as he nails me. It’s just a standard session, and I try to think of a way to make it more exciting…

3:55pm. His half hour is almost up, and he says he probably can’t cum. I stop him, and shove him down on the couch, and start sucking his cock. It’s not that big, so I deep throat it, and he moans.

4pm. His time is up, and I raise my head. “I’m close!” He promises. 3-4 minutes later, he cums out of nowhere. Like, I didnt expect it at all. He was shooting it out all over my swimsuit top and shoulders. Damn it.

4:01pm. “Want to use my shower?” He asks, whole face red. I ask for a towel, and wipe off, and rush away fast as possible.

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