Ella West of Denver Visiting an Attractive Family

8 a.m. I wake up, late as usual. I can never seem to get enough sleep. I’m still working my full-time job at a non-profit organization, and juggling an office job with a growing independent escort business is exhausting.  I scramble to get ready and hop in the shower, shivering as I rinse my bright red hair in cold water that makes my nipples erect and sensitive.  Before getting out of the shower, I snap a sexy photo of my huge natxural breasts.  I’ll tweet it to all my horny followers later this morning.  I hop online and quickly bump my ads on four different websites before I head out the door.

9:30 a.m. I breeze into the office half an hour late, but don’t bother apologizing to my boss.  It’s obvious he wants to fuck me and I plan on milking that for all it’s worth.  I stop by his office to say good morning and give him a little wink and a coy smile.  His face turns red as he tries not to stare at my voluptuous curves.  I try to dress professionally at the office, but  my enormous tits make it difficult.  Everything looks a little too sexy on me…

10 a.m. I tweet the sexy, wet photo I took after my shower this morning @theellawest and revel in the attention.  One of my adoring fans send me a $25 tip as a thank you for blessing him pics of my beautiful body.  I can’t wait until he comes to visit Denver so I can thank him in person.  

11:30 a.m. Notification on my escort email!  Eagerly, I check the message, and am dismayed to see it’s a timewaster.  “Hey baby, can you do QV for $50? I’m fit, attractive, and clean.”  I roll my eyes all the way into the back of my skull.  These guys are so rude.  My hourly rate starts at $300/hour.  Low-ballers make my pussy dry.  I delete the email and get back to work.

12 p.m. Text to my escort phone!  I’m wary, but this one seems legit.  It’s a man requesting an appointment for himself and his wife.  They want to meet tonight.  I don’t usually offer same-day bookings, but this one might be too good to pass up.  They’ve included verification photos as per my screening requirements.  In her photo, the wife is sprawled out on the bed, a suggestive, hopeful smile on her face.  She’s around my age with short brunette hair.  Her body is thick like mine; but her thighs are juicier and her ass is rounder.  I immediately feel myself becoming aroused as I think about my tongue on her neck, her nipple, her clit…I tell the husband it’s a go for tonight.  How can I focus on work now?

1 p.m. Lunch.  I walk to the restaurant down the street and order my food.  I “accidentally” drop my wallet on the ground and expose inches of cleavage to the cashier as I slowly bend down to pick it up. When I try to pay, the cashier waves me away.  Free lunch again!  Being a hot girl has its privileges…

3 p.m. I sneak online to bump all my ads again.  It’s important to do this multiple times a day on multiple platforms, so that my ads are seen by as many potential clients as possible.  I also take a moment to schedule some Twitter posts for my escort friend who pays me to manage her social media.  Any smart sex worker diversifies their revenue streams to maximize earning potential.  

4:30 p.m.Perfect!  My boss is leaving early again.  As he turns to leave, I give him the same flirty wink and coy smile I gave him earlier this morning.  As usual, his face turns red.  He fumbles for his keys.  I’m sure he’s thinking about bending me over my desk in my skirt and sensible heels.  I just need to figure out a discreet way to slip him my escort business card.  I have a feeling he’d become a regular in no time.

5:30 p.m.As soon as I get home, I get back in the shower.  I take extra time with the shower head on my privates; I have to be fresh and clean for this hot couple!  The hot water feels so good down there that I can’t bring myself to move it away.  Before I know it, I am moaning and my knees are buckling as I reach orgasm and squirt all over the shower.  Easy cleanup!  

6:30 p.m.Feeling nice and warmed up, I drive to the couple’s hotel.  I smile at the valets and bellhops as I walk by.  They would never suspect the reason I’m here.  I look so innocent in my glasses and little sundress.  The secrecy turns me on.  I feel myself getting wetter as I head for the elevator.

6:45 p.m. I knock on the couple’s door.  I am immediately enamored with the wife. She is even hotter in person.  When I hug her, the smell of her perfume sends a tingle down my spine.  I quickly head into the bathroom to count the money and change into my lingerie.

6:50 p.m. After as much small talk as I can stand, I pull her close to me and start kissing her neck.  She moans as I untie the front of her robe and begin lightly caressing her nipples with my tongue.  I make my way to her pussy and gently circle her clit with the tip of my tongue.  She grabs my head and pushes it hard into her, grinding her pussy against my face.  I am dripping wet when I feel her husband inside me, fucking me from behind.  With two fingers, I rub her clit while I move my tongue in and out of her pussy until she is screaming and pulling my hair and cumming all over me.  I can’t believe I get paid to do this.  Wow.  

8:30 p.m.I’ve lost track of how many times both she and I have cum, but we can’t get enough of each other.  She sits on my face while her husband licks my clit.  She deepthroats him as I slide my fingers in and out of her until I feel her whole pussy contracting; her body shaking.  He finishes inside her; she’s riding his dick and I’m riding his face, while she and I kiss deeply and passionately.  

8:45 p.m. I finally begin to tear myself away.  They paid for 90 minutes but I’ve stayed for 2 hours.  I could eat her pussy all night and never get tired, but I have to work tomorrow, so we say our goodbyes.  

9:30 p.m. I’m home.  So tired and happy and satisfied, I feel like I’m melting into a puddle.  I just made $500 for some of the hottest sex I have ever experienced.  How is this real life?  

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  1. john2 November 8, 2019

    How do I find Ella and her escorts in Denver?

  2. cushmountain092350 November 20, 2019

    Beautiful, can you give me your Facebook username?

  3. Jjj December 31, 2019

    No good men will ever commit to you

  4. lutk78 January 12, 2020

    So hot. Thank you for sharing

  5. revellers66 February 1, 2020

    Ella have you never planned to come in Venice ? It’s a very romantic place and furthermore I live in ,do I wait for you?

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