High-End Escort & Writer from Brazil has an unforgettable experience

I’m a BDSM escort with 5 years experience from Brazil. I’m almost 29, and I love to write poetry and short stories about love. However, I’m single, because most of my sexual energy is devoted to my career as an adult entertainer. This story is about M, a client I’ll never forget.

Day 1

4pm. I check into my hotel room. 

5pm. I shower and scrub, keeping my hair out of the water in a cap. 

5:30pm. My first client messages me on my app, we discuss prices, and I send my hotel code. 

6:15pm. He knocks on my door, and I open it for him. 

6:30pm. M introduces himself and pays me. He is tall, dark like me, and on the app mentioned wanting BDSM special treatment.

6:40pm. We discuss the terms, safe words, kinks. He has paid a lot because he wants something very unusual. I’ve done crazy things before so I’m not too worried. 

6:50pm. Time to begin. I bend over and allow him to spank me, hard, several times. I open the drawer where I unpacked my sex toys. 

7pm. He chooses a very thick, long dildo and requests that I lay down. I do so, and he starts to fuck me viciously with it. I make the noises, but it actually feels good. He does this for awhile. 

7:10pm. Now M pulls out his dick and slams it in me. It’s smaller than the toy, but I scream for him. He grabs my wrists hard and pins them above my head, forcing my thick thighs down onto my chest as he goes hard. 

7:20pm. M smacks me, scratches my chest, and finally, wraps both hands around my throat as he pumps into me. I like rough but he is toorough. I blink hard, gasping for air, and he cums. 

7:22pm. He releases me and I roll over trying to breathe. We agreed choking was fine but…. Damn

7:30pm. M tips me well… He paid for 2 hours but he’s gone before I’ve even calmed my heart rate. 

5/51 rating

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