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Law Student Balances Three Demanding Sugar Daddies

My name is Lily Hale and I have always been very sexually active. When I got admitted to law school and faced the prospects of studying for three years with no income, I had to find a solution. I’m proud that I was selected to write the diary and I hope more and more girls who’re financing their education with sex work will feel free to tell their stories.

Day 1. 

8:30am. I wake up to several text messages on my iPhone. I lay in bed half awake as I answer each of my 3 sugar daddies, copying each message over and replacing the name with the correct one. 

9:15am. Class has already started, and I breeze in through the doors with my hair in a messy, tangled bun and a coffee gripped in my hand. I’m late because I didn’t have any clean clothes – again. I’ve got half of my wardrobe spread out between my daddies houses.

12pm. During my lunch break, I answer a FaceTime call with with my favorite Daddy. He is overseas in Asia right now for work. He won’t tell me what he does, but it sounds important. I pretend to be studying as we chat about his long hours, but I’m really emailing a new Amazon wish list to another one of my daddies. 

3:30pm. Since I skipped eating, I plan catch an early dinner by myself. Before I fill up, I get naked and lay on my bedroom floor and masturbate. I film the whole thing in short segments, sending each part to a daddy. Only one of them lives close enough for in-person playtime, so the other two have to be satisfied with daily pictures and videos. 

4:05pm. My phone rings. It’s my local daddy Lou. He always reminds me of a quiet superstar. He’s sexy, smart, fast-paced, and very into drugs and alcohol. We met on the app I met my other daddies on, but he doesn’t know I kept using it. 

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4:10pm. Lou requests I come over for dinner tonight. I smile and agree, but sigh after hanging up. I really was supposed to study for my midterms tonight, and I’m starving. I’m too embarrassed to eat big meals in front of Lou, plus… I skipped the gym today. 

4:30pm. I hope in the shower and shave my pussy really well. I check my pits and deep condition my hair. Normally, I’d send a video to my daddies, but I just came earlier. 

6pm. After dinner, I let Lou dominate me. He’s strong in a silent way. We don’t talk much, but he loves to use his toy collection on me. I usually orgasm multiple times during our playdates. Not this time though – doggy style for a few minutes and … well you can see the result on the picture I posted.

7:30pm. On my way home, I realize I have two missed FaceTime requests from my daddy on his work trip. He’s the neediest of the 3, but he buys me the most beautiful jewelry, I never complain. 

7:45pm. I hurry inside my dorm room and pull my clothes off, rushing into my Victoria Secret robe he bought me, my breasts exposed when I answer his next call. He’s happy to see me, and informs me a special present was shipped today. 

8:00pm. As daddy jacks off for me, I find myself trying not to yawn. Another all-nighter was coming up because if I don’t study, I’ll fail my classes. He asks if I want to see his cum, and I moan for him to get him over the edge. 

Don’t forget to subscribe to my diary (100% free) to receive next week’s update + hot pics and videos I send to my daddies.
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