Romanian student with extra-curricular activities in London

I have been an escort for three years. Originally, I am from Romania and started escorting almost as soon as I arrived in London for my studies. The lifestyle is amazing and the standard of living I have is incomparable to any one that even the top jobs will give me upon graduation. Even if I go to work for the best banks or consultancies. I am tall, blond, and gorgeous. Sitting in a boring office entering data in excel makes me of no use to anybody.

Day One

7:55 a.m. Check schedule, three meetings today; one regular and two new clients. Time for study this morning.

8:15 a.m. Jump in the shower, horny about the two new ones today so I over compensate with the shower gel and lube my clit and orgasm pretty quick.

9 a.m. Get some toast and throw my books over the table. Time to study.

10:30 a.m. Phone rings, it’s my regular M who I’m meeting at 1 pm. He was just checking I would be available for at least three hours. Of course, I said yes.

12 p.m. Decide to go for a little black number today but not the underwear! My dark, bronzed body looks so hot with white lace and all of my guys love it.

1 p.m. Grab a taxi to M’s place. I met M when I first started escorting and see him at least twice a week. Tall, early fifties, dark hair and likes to keep fit and likes to make me cum.

1:45 p.m. Finish a freshly prepared lunch from M and a bottle of white wine. M always likes to make me cum several times before he fucks me which I don’t mind at all. M lifts me onto the table, pulls up my tight black dress and licks my pussy hard through my lace pants. After a great orgasm, he pulls them off and pushes his fingers inside me, here we go again…

2:30 p.m. M takes me to the shower room. The shower has jets that spray from all angles and one is directly on my clit as he pushes his throbbing cock into my yearning pussy. Few things on this Earth I hate more than condoms so I fuck my regulars bareback. Sometimes I pray they ask me for it because if I initiate it, it would look worse. He climax and fills me entirely. A few moments later, with sperm leaking, I finish myself off.

3:30 p.m. We lay naked on the white linen sheets and talk. He talks mainly about himself and I listen intently. He told me his wife knows he is with me and gets turned on when hearing details. I don’t buy that but he shows me a message from her asking if he made me cum. And thought I’ve seen everything!

4 p.m. M hands me my money and kisses me on the cheek. I usually ask for cash in advance but since M is regular I don’t want to look suspicious. He tells me to check my schedule as he has already booked our next meeting. 

4:05 p.m. Taxi takes me home to get changed. I put the £700 from M into my secret cash stash, then get ready for my next meeting. Will have to deposit something tomorrow to do some online shopping.

5:00 p.m. Boyfriend rings. We take a class together so he wants me to go to his place to do some studying together. He probably wants sex though and I already had too way too much today, with more to come. Procrastination it is.

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  1. the6ixgentleman September 9, 2019

    The boyfriend has to understand and adjust. “Sitting in a boring office entering data in excel makes me of no use to anybody.” is so right. At this point in your life, you are banking it another way, why would you choose the poor option? Keep your education and career ambitions intact and you will suceed in both lives I am sure

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