Scottish tourist with ”overstayed visa” working on two jobs in NYC

I am a 25 year old from Scotland. I recently moved to the US and now currently live in New York. Initially, I came here as a tourist with a few friends but I really liked it so, to put it ”mildly” I kind of overstayed my visa. I work now semi-legally at a clothing store, but at night I make some extra cash by being an escort. It’s something my family would never have approved of back in Scotland, so for now I’m enjoying this little taste of freedom. 

Day One

8 a.m. My alarm goes off and my cat, Ronan, immediately jumps up onto the bed and attacks me with its tongue. I push it aside in order to turn off my alarm and I get up to go feed him. He finally leaves me alone after getting his food so I start getting ready for work. I’ve got the opening shift this morning, which works for me because I’ve got a special client meeting tonight. 

8:45 a.m. I am walking to work. It’s nice and sunny, so I’m wearing a white flowing dress that I got for free at work. I might even wear it for work tonight as I work pretty close to home, so it doesn’t take long to get there. I go around back and clock in.

12 p.m. On my lunch break I walk down to a local deli and grab a sandwich. I eat quickly so I can make it to the pharmacy and grab a couple of supplies for tonight. I pick up some lube and condoms and once I’ve left the pharmacy, I stuff them in my purse. 

4 p.m. I am about to leave work for the day, but my boss comes up to me first. He doesn’t know what I do at night, but he always acts kind of suspicious of me. He says he wants me to work a double shift tonight. I tell him I’m busy. He asks what I’m doing. I’m not embarressed of my work, but I don’t want him to have another reason to treat me like shit, so I just say I’ve got an appointment. He doesn’t seem to believe me, but he lets it go. 

5:15 p.m. I’m back home and getting ready to head to where I’m meeting my client. Ronan rubs himself on my leg as I put makeup on. The place I’m meeting my client is a bit more upscale, so I’ve got to go a bit more formal than I usually would. I slip on some heels and grab a nice jacket and walk outside. I have to get a taxi, because I don’t want to leave my car anywhere over night. 

6 p.m.I arrive at the country club and wait at the entrance so I can walk in with my client. He arrives shortly after I do and slips the cash to me before we enter. I stuff in my purse and take his arm as he offers it. He mostly wants to parade me around tonight. I don’t normally do high-profile things like this, but it’s just a bunch of rich old men, and I don’t think I’ll have much of a problem entertaining them. We’re seated at a table with a couple of my clients friends and he briefly introduces me before moving on to socialize with his friends.

6:50 p.m. Dinner finally arrives. I thought the service would be better at a place this expensive. My dinner tastes nice enough. I eat and giggle at my client’s jokes and try to act impressed by his friends. In another life I may have been a wonderful actress. As soon as dinner’s finished, he wants to stand out on the balcony and smoke cigars. It’s going to take forever to get the smell of the smoke out of my dress, but I suppose he’s paying me enough to get it drycleaned. 

8 p.m. We finally leave and he drives us to a nice hotel that’s expensive e.nough to be discrete. He wants me to do most of the work. I suck his dick for a while to get him hard and then climb on top of him and then slide my dress and panties to the side and allow his cock to enter me. I ride him for a bit, but it doesn’t take too long for him to come. He gets up and ready to go soon after but tells me he’s paid for the room for the night, so I’m welcome to stay until morning if I’d like.

9:20 p.m. I order some room service, since my client said he’d pay for it, and turn a movie on TV. I might as well take the opportunity to relax while I’ve got it. The bed is nice and the sheets are soft. They hotel had fancy champagne and chocolate covered strawberries so I indulge in that before I drift off to sleep. 

Day Two

7:45 a.m. I get up earlier than I need to so that I can get home before my cat makes a mess of the place in an attempt to get some food. I grab my bag and slip on my shoes and call for a taxi. 

8:15 a.m. I walk through the door to my apartment and hear my cat meowing in the distance. I feed him and then get ready to hop in the shower. I’ve got a shift again today, so I’ll need to make it quick. I use liberal amounts of body wash and shampoo to try to get rid of the cigar and sex smell. 

9 a.m. I’ve changed and arrived at work. My shift only goes until lunch today, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I also have two clients already scheduled for later tonight. I should even have time to have a nice dinner before I go in to work tonight. My boss isn’t in today, so I shouldn’t have any problems.

12:10 p.m.I was right about things going well this morning. I didn’t have any issues with customers and my boss never showed up unexpectedly. I go pick up a rice bowl from a local place and I pick up some treats for Ronan on my way home too. He’s excited to see me as I walk through the door, and even more excited once he sees the treat I’ve got him. 

5 p.m. I get in my car and drive to the hotel I usually meet clients at. It’s not nearly as nice as the place I got to stay at yesterday, but it’s safe enough. It’s better than just meeting clients at my home. I’m also a lot less dressed up today, wearing only a crop top and skirt with some sandals. 

5:30 p.m. My first client arrives. I let him into the hotel room and he hands me the cash. I set it down on a stand and sit down on the bed. He asks me to lay back and spread my legs for him. I do and he slips off my panties and unzips his jeans. He moves over me and enters me. He’s not slow or gentle, but I make sure I’m plenty prepared for clients to enter me before they arrive.

5:50 p.m. My first client left soon after coming, so now I’m just waiting for my second client to arrive. I’ve stashed my money in the room safe and cleaned up the bed. My client is supposed to be here soon enough. 

6:15 p.m. My 2nd client knocks on the door and I get up to answer it. I pull my skirt up a litle so that my panties will be in full view if I bend over a bit. He walks in the room, sets my payment down on the stand and asks me to present myself for him, so I bend over the bed and allow my skirt to drift up even further. He caresses my thigh and slowly works his way up toward my panties and starts rubbing my pussy through my panties before tearing them aside. I can hear them rip a bit, and I’m a bit pissed that I’ll have to replace them. He takes off his own pants and shoves my head down onto the bed with one of his hands. The other one goes back to carressing my upper thighs. Eventually, he enters me and pounds in and out until he comes. 

7 p.m. My client lays around for a bit before finally leaving. I clean up the hotel room and return the keys to the front desk. I get in my car and drive on home to my cat. 

Day Three

10 a.m. I don’t have to work this morning, so after I got up to feed my cat, I went back to bed. I finally get up when I know I can laze around anymore and look at my schedule for work tonight. I’ve got three clients, but I’ve had them all in the past, so I know what they’ll probably want. Other than that, I’ve basically got nothing going on today.

4:30pm I drive to work and pick up keys for a new room. I message all of my clients the information they’ll need and wait for them to show up. 

4:45 p.m. My first client shows up and pays for an hour. He wants me to suck his dick, so I get down on my knees and start to lick and suck him to completion. He doesn’t last long with my efforts to make him cum and he doesn’t want to stay for any cuddling, so he’s in and out in very little time. 

6 p.m. My second client knocks on the door and I allow him to come in and sit. He likes roleplay, so he’s brought a little outfit for me to put on for him. I strip off my clothes and change in front of him. It’s like a little extra show for him. He unzips his pants and rubs his cock as I do it. Soon after I’m wearing a little angel costume and he’s whispering in my ear about how he’s going to corrupt me. I play along and act innocent and scared because I know that’s what he likes. He gets bored of all the talk son enough though, so he pushes me down onto the bed and slams into me. 

6:50 p.m. I strip off the outfit he brought me and hand it to him. I make a show out of staying naked until he leaves. I think it’s the little details that keep my clients coming back to me. Plus, I want to please this guy since he always pays extra for making me dress up and play his games. 

7 p.m. I get dressed as soon as he’s gone and clean everything up. I check my schedule on my phone to make sure that my schedule is still the same. Everything seems fine, so I lie back and wait for my last client of the night.

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