Vivian Parker, the LA-based student, who combines charity work and escorting

I’m Vivian. I’m 27 and I’m a companion in sunny Los Angeles. I stay fit, go to school, work with the homeless, and meet with my suitors in between all of that. I meet with people with all kinds of preferences, and kinks and I love doing it. It gives me pleasure to give pleasure to others and the orgasms I get along the way, are a nice bonus.

Day One

5 a.m. I wake up and get to the gym.

6 a.m. T texts. He wants to meet up for an early morning session before the workday begins.

8 a.m. T’s a fan of the au-natural experience, so I shower up and greet him naked at the door, no make-up, as requested. He wants me to play with him while I tell him about all the times I’ve been a dirty girl with other men. He gets harder as I tell him how another man bent me over the bed and took me, hard and deep. He’s overcome with imagining this, so he stands up, jerks himself off and cums on my chest.

9:30 a.m. I get ready to head to downtown, where I’ve got some work with the homeless. I hop out of the shower, my long hair sending tiny streams of water down my body. As I’m running my hands down by body, soaping off, my phone dings. “Hey gorgeous, when will I get you in front of my camera again?” It’s my photographer. He kind of a has a thing for me—this is one of many flirty texts he sends.

10:15 a.m. I’m running out the door with one shoe on, pulling the other around my ankle as I close the door. I’m late. I spent too much time enjoying the hot shower, the warm water running over my excited nipples as it pours in between my legs, on its way down to the tub drain.

11:09 a.m. (9 minutes late) I’m in the city about to meet up with one of my favorite homeless ladies. She’s a stickler about time, so when I meet with her, I blame traffic for my arrival. It’s better she doesn’t know that I was just too busy enjoying the shower and my dirty thoughts.

12 p.m. My assistant messages me with a review of things, as well as a verification she’s done, so that I can reach out to my clients personally. Although she’s the initial contact, once she gets through the verification process, I love personally connecting with who I will be meeting. I get on twitter, scroll through and send some love to other gorgeous ladies.

1 p.m. J sends me a text. He says he’s in the area close to where I am and he wants to meet. He knows it’s last minute, but he’s working on a housing project in downtown and has a few hours to kill. He reminds me that “killing his time” with me would be his best-case scenario. He offers to meet me in a downtown hotel of my choosing. I suggest my place @ 3. We can relax, have a drink, I’ll wear a short skirt the way he likes. Later he’ll lift the skirt around my waist as he admires my ass, “god I love looking at the butt” he’ll say, as he lands a smack on my right butt cheek.

3 p.m. J comes over. I open the door and he’s standing there, grinning. He’s dressed in crisp business attire, cologne, hair in place. I usher him in and close the door. He takes one look at me, says “hi,” and kisses me passionately. We stand there, my legs wrapped around him, faces close together, tongues dancing with each other and some heavy breathing.
3:17pm. Eventually he untangles me and goes to freshen up in the bathroom. He leaves my envelope in plain view without a word. He knows that when he closes the door, I will count its contents and safely put it out of sight. When he comes out of the bathroom, business is over, schedules are made and we’re in front of each other, so nothing else matters.

J pours us drinks; whiskey, my favorite. Just a half a glass for me, that’s all it takes to get that beautiful afternoon buzz. The one that amps up all your sensitivities and makes playtime with a partner more titillating. He picks me up and carries me to the bedroom. We spend about 2 hours in there, occasionally taking a sip of whiskey or emerging for air and a drink of water. Our bodies connect together and go with the flow of each other as he goes down on me and I take him in my mouth. He moans and tells me how much he missed this. The second time he cums, he’s deep inside of me as he spreads my legs—gazing at me as he thrusts. After, he collapses next to me, both of us out of breath. He’s staring at the ceiling saying, “wow” every 30 seconds and I’m lying there against him, having aftershock orgasms as my body shakes against him.

6:12 p.m. Blair (my assistant) is calling. She doesn’t always know what I’m up to in full detail. I like it that way; it feels a little naughtier.  She’s asking if I’m up for taking a last-minute client this evening for 3 hours. J mostly wore me out, and I’m not good at faking a good time, so I ask if I can meet him the next night. I stay on the phone and she confirms that yes, I can.

8:13 p.m. I’m on the couch, watching tv and checking the two dating apps I still keep around for personal amusement. Some dude just suggested that I come to meet him at his place in Newport. Yea, I’ll get right on that, dude. One guy asks about my last ex and then tells me I’m not over him because I didn’t want to type out an essay on why my last relationship didn’t work out, to a stranger.
Meanwhile, J texts me and tells me how much he enjoyed me. He reminds me not to text back, so his wife won’t see. N texts me and asks if we can meet up this week, and I suggest some times I will be around. He goes on to tell me how much he misses me. R sends me an email to let me know that he can’t wait to meet when he’s back in town, and I flirtatiously reply that I can’t wait to see him as well.

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