Young Sugar-Baby from California Thinks She Lost Her Sense of Feminism

I am 21 and a sugarbaby. I have only done it for a year and I haven’t had many clients because of my current sugar daddy. Imagine Kanye West and Donald Trump as one man. That is my sugar daddy. But he gives me everything I’ve ever wanted. I reside in my sugar daddies house in Santa Monica. He travels a lot so I can do whatever I want when he is gone. But when he is with me I am his object.

Day One

5 p.m. J left yesterday for a day. He’s a lawyer so he had to go deal with an insane rape case. He does famous cases too.

6 p.m. I took a dip in our infinity pool. I should just call it mine since J never uses it. I always swim naked and just love the view. The sun was setting and the sky was pink.

7 p.m. I ordered food from The Lobster. I pour myself a glass of wine and watch The Bachelor. Fuck this show, it’s so bad.

7:30 p.m. I call S and tell her to come over. S is my best friend. I barely see her when J is in town and lately he hasn’t been traveling.

8 p.m. S and I get drunk and eat lobster with our hands. We always laugh so much. She tells me about the new guy she is dating. S wants to fall in love. She doesn’t believe in sugar daddies. I think one day I could fall in love with a sugar daddy. I sometimes buy her presents just because I love her innocence.

9 p.m. We hot tub and drink more wine. I’m going to pass out soon.

10 p.m. S and I can’t make it to the bed so we sleep on the large sectional sofa.

Day Two

2 a.m. My phone rings and I freak out. I mean who the fuck needs me at this hour. It’s J. Of course. I go to my bedroom and answer it. He asks how I am. He wonders what I am wearing. I tell him I’m naked. He replies by saying he wish he could fuck me right now. He tells me I can’t make any plans tomorrow. I lay on my bed and close my eyes while he goes on and on about how wonderful of a lawyer he is and how no one is better than him.

9 a.m. I make coffee for S and me. We drink it outside and lay in the sun naked.

10 a.m. S leaves. I haven’t been on the Sugar daddy app forever. J doesn’t allow me. I get my computer and browse new daddies. A message pops up. We chat for a little bit. Sometimes I miss having several daddies.

11 a.m. I tidy up the house and dispose of everything from last night. I’m good at this. One time I threw a party when J was gone. He thought I spent the night reading.

12 p.m.I hear the garage opening. J is back.

12:10 p.m. I greet him in a cute dress he bought me. He grabs my ass.

1 p.m. He pours himself a glass of whiskey. I hate when he drinks. He gets way too aggressive. He tells me to come to him and suck his dick.

1:20 p.m. I am still blowing him. This man really knows how to give a girl a sore throat. He takes my head and thrusts fast. I gag a lot. He cums all over my face.

2 p.m. We go to Nobu for sushi. He hits on the waitress. No, it is okay, I’ve gotten very used to it. I listen to him talk about how witty he was during the case. You should have been there he says. I would have been in love with him. All I think about is how in love with himself he is.

3 p.m. I’ve had three moscow mules. Sometimes I think that J could lead me to alcoholism.

4 p.m. He takes me to Third street promenade. We walk into Chanel. He tells a worker to find me the prettiest item in the store. Okay so this is why it is all worth it.

4:30 p.m. I leave with the most darling two piece beige set and the newest purse.

5 p.m. We go into Hugo Boss. He wants to try on new suits.

6:30 p.m. J has tried on ten suits. None of them “fit his dominance.” He puts a dark blue plaid one on. He decides it is the one. I think he looks like a clown.

7 p.m. We get home and he tells me he is going to meet one of his partners at a bar. He wants me to be naked on the bed when he gets home.

8 p.m. I try on my new outfit. I look so fucking cute, damn.

9 p.m. I actually read a book. It is about feminism. I’ve lost sight of that concept since I devoted myself to J.

10 p.m. I lay on the bed naked. I hear the garage door open again.

10:15 p.m. J is drunk again. He chuckles like a moron and turns me over. He asks me if I’ve been a naughty girl. If I’ve been doing things I shouldn’t be. I think about how many times he leaves and I am his definition of naughty. He slaps my ass. Ow. He slaps it again harder. Fuck J, it doesn’t feel good. I scream a little.

10:30 p.m. He places his dick in between my breasts. He likes that a lot – immediately places himself inside of me and lifts my legs up high. Afterwards he tells me to call him Daddy. He tells me to tell him that he is so powerful and that I am all his. I tell him what he wants to hear.

11 p.m. I fall asleep while J works on another case in the living room.

Day Three

10 a.m. I walk into the living room and J is grabbing his things. He tells me he is leaving again for two days. He shoves his tongue down my throat and tells me to be good. I watch him drive off.

10:05 a.m. I jump in my pool and float. Hello freedom.

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